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Rising Sun

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At the figure of the cold wind

there i came to a rhyme unseen

hope to be wistful

every motion and every place to stand on

an old rhyme, though

but there was a notch

The souls that whisper

the longing of lover

to you the girl: with the shining eyes

so much that running time couldn’t be felt

with all the yearning that rolling

here and there: Singing

As if a canary with its melodious chirping

and so the morning goes

with the smooth bright of the sun

where i  too much enclose

every single moves and laughter

a song fly up

With a lace of lover poet

a reddish colour floating in mind

blooming through my wings

through the song that I sing


4 Komentar

  1. renungan berkata:

    numpang baca-baca..

    salam kenal..

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